Welcome to Hustle Mama University

Let’s Learn to WordPress Replay

A step by step comprehensive walk through of a WordPress website.

Blog the Write Way Replay (and Newsletters too)

Create your blog to win. Develop user engaged content that ranks and supports your business.

Podcasting Power Replay

Discover the hidden nuances and the power of having a podcast behind your brand without doing a lot of extra work.

eBook Publishing Replay

Create your eBook in no time, and then learn the hacks and techniques to having it create other digital products for you.

Workshops, Webinars, & Courses Replay

Learn the advantages you give  your business when creating courses and the power of re-engineering your content.

Affiliate Links & Merchandise Coming Soon!

Monetizing everything you are is about monetizing what you know. When you can do that and earn on top of that, then you are really winning.

Delivering Content with a Conscience

Our mission is to continue to create learning and educational entrepreneurial content that is both affordable and accessible to women all over the world. We take pride in having most of our content translate into other languages, and our hope is that we are able to teach women of all ethnicities, nationalities, geographies and economies how to Heal their Hearts, Hack their Lives, Harness their Power and Build their Digital Empires by tapping into the power of the greatness that is inside of them!

Growing Your Subscriber Lists Bundle | $27.

Most people don’t realize just how easy it is to monetize basic newsletters and grow your subscriber lists, loyal customers, and prospects in the process.


Delivered electronically and yours for life.


Bonus videos, workbooks, and checklists.



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Done With You & Done For You Services

Create 10 Streams of Income from Your One Business Product, Service, or Idea | 10 in 10 Done with You Replay to the Step By Step Boot Camp

How about getting access to more than 40+ hours of teaching on creating the 10 Streams of Income in 10 Weeks? This course replay is filled with the mentoring boot camp content that walks you through each stream step-by-step with real live case studies and student scenarios. In addition, receive your own library of done-with-you steps for implementation and success. This Done-With-You includes 4 (30min) live zoom meeting sessions with me and/or members of my team.

The Ultimate Plug and Play | Create 10 Streams of Income from Your One Business Product, Service, or Idea in 10 Weeks Done For You Service

How about having me and my team do all of the heavy lifting for you? We create your 10 Streams of Income for your business in just 10 short weeks. Get your complete automated system in place. You supply the content and we package it for you. Not really sure if you are strong in communicating your brand’s message? No worries, we can handle the copy writing for you too.

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