The Heal Your Heart to Your Gifts and Goals Course is a course that God gave me to help women entrepreneurs (and men if they want to take the course) start at ground zero.

The heart space is sacred and is the root to everything we are and everything we do. It is the well-spring of life and we must guard it, as it is the gateway to our alignment to our destiny and the doorway to our dreams.

This course is designed to help the entrepreneur identify the palces where there may be blocks and gaps that are preventing them from moving forward towards their success and hindering the flow of creativity that is dying to burst through and manifest ideas into harvests of possibilities.

May you and everyone that is attached to you be immeasurably blessed.

Love Dr. Stefany

Module 1 Module 1 (Week 1) | Course Materials
Unit 1 Read Me Instructions
Unit 2 Privacy Policy - HMP LLC
Unit 3 Course Syllabus
Unit 4 Course Syllabus (Download Version)
Unit 5 Welcome Letter
Unit 6 30 Days to Deep Diving Into Your Purpose
Unit 7 Gifts & Callings Companion Journal
Unit 8 GIFTS & GOALS COURSE MODULE WORKBOOK (We are healing our hearts to our gifts & goals)
Unit 9 Break Away From Negative Thoughts & Experience Life | Kip Hollister | TEDxBeaconStreet
Unit 10 Week 1 - LESSONS & PREP for THE COURSE - Journal Work and Affirmations
Unit 11 Checklist and Game Plan Worksheet
Module 2 Module 2 (Week 2) | Making Sure We Sow into Good Ground
Unit 2 Let's Make That Change
Module 3 Module 3 (Weeks 3 & 4) | The Spiritual Intelligence of The Heart
Unit 1 The Spiritual Intelligence of the Heart
Module 4 Module 4 (Week 5) | Let's Get Clear About What We DO Want
Unit 1 Change and Healing Exercise
Module 5 Module 5 (Weeks 6 & 7) | The Spiritually Based Business Intelligence of GIFTS
Unit 1 The Spiritual Intelligence of Your Gifts
Unit 2 How to Identify Your Gifts
Unit 3 Stronger Worksheet
Unit 4 Purpose Worksheet
Unit 5 Alignment Worksheet
Module 6 Module 6 (Weeks 8 & 9) | The Spiritually Based Business Intelligence of GOALS
Unit 1 The Spiritual Intelligence of Goals
Unit 2 How to Identify Your Goals
Unit 3 The Agreement Worksheet
Unit 4 The Seeds Worksheet
Module 7 Module 7 (Weeks 10 & 11) | Your Path to Peace: Creating an Enriched & Nurturing Environment for Planting Seeds
Unit 1 The GPS to Peace
Unit 2 Your Path to Peace
Unit 3 The GPS to Peace Spreadsheet
Unit 4 Exercise 1: Questions to Ask Yourself
Unit 5 Creative Thinking Exercise
Module 8 Module 8 (Week 12) | The Spiritually Based Business Intelligence of Peace
Unit 1 The Power of Mindfulness: What You Practice Grows Stronger | Shauna Shapiro | TEDxWashingtonSquare
Module 9 Module 9 (Week 13) | MODULE VIDEO FILES - The Mindset to Millionaire (As a man thinketh IN HIS HEART, so is he)
Unit 1 The life-changing power of words: Kristin Rivas at TEDxRainier
Unit 2 How to Become a Millionaire in 3 Years | Daniel Ally | TEDxBergenCommunityCollege
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